Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I've Been Up To (This One's For You Mom)!

What have I been up to? A lot. Not much. Trying to make it out here in this hard-knock life............or not. I've really just been getting settled into my new city with The Mustache. Enjoying the scenery along the way.

There's not much to do when you're on a super tight budget, and you live in a 400 square foot studio apartment. That's right!

400. Square. Feet.

Have any ideas? I usually like to start my day by staring at my Mustache man until he gets tired of it and tells me to get a life. Next, I'll make us some lunch, followed by a brisk run around our gigantic apartment. Gotta keep the heart rate up, you know?! Then my sweet little mom, or my cute little dad will usually call me. We'll talk for a little while. After our afternoon conversation, I always try to go on the computer for at least a few hours and pretend like I'm doing something.................anything. But seriously, how many times can you read and re-read "Mary's" facebook status?! Maybe one day I'll find out. I hope my boredom doesn't come to that though.

But I really appreciate being home with my Mustache Man. In the middle of the night, I get to stare at his cute little face while he's sleeping. I really should get a life though. The other morning, I counted the moles on the left side of his face while he was sound asleep. I suggest every couple live in a teeny tiny studio apartment together during some point in their marriage. You'll learn all kinds of new and interesting, good and bad things about your spouse. Once we get our lives settled, and have a place to officially call home, I promise I will fill my days with much more interesting and important tasks. Like starting a charity organization that I have in mind. But more on that later.

But for now, when The Mustache isn't working on his business, we enjoy sitting outside watching the waves. This activity is free and oh so relaxing. I haven't seen the beach since I lived in Hawaii. This was my first step on sand in years.....and I loved it.

The farmer's market here has a mini-carnival. You won't catch us on any of the rides though. I asked The Mustache if he wanted to go on a kiddy ride and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said, "What?! You want the 'Stomach Man' and the 'Headache Girl' to go on a ride"? He was right. For a split second I forgot that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING upsets his stomach. And ANYTHING and EVERYTHING gives me a headache. I couldn't even ride the merry-go-round as a child without feeling horrible afterwards. Seriously. It sucks.

So instead of doing something that would potentially make us vomit.....we watched everyone else get on the rides. And then we went home and played UNO! Ah yes...the wild and crazy life of two young newly-weds.

We also, love to feed the pretty ducks that live in the pond next to our apartment. Reminds me of the time when my brother ran for his life when he was being chased by a duck (in his defense he was probably 3 years old)! Don't worry baby'll get your revenge.
No new recipes yet. My kitchen counter space is the size of a medium sized cutting board. I'm not joking! So unless I want to chop onions and garlic for a lamb stew on my bed....I'll be sticking to the easy meals. Hmmm....maybe I'll buy a an Easy Bake Oven, so I can get really creative in the kitchen. I do have some creative ways to cook ramen noodles. If anyone would like to know.

Well parents, that's what I've been up to. Until next time...

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