This is a list of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Immersion Blender: Hands down, this is one of the most convenient appliances ever! 

Kitchen Aid: Very Convenient. You can mix your cake batter, mashed potatoes, pizza dough, etc..hands free!

Pasta Machine: Nothing like homemade pasta. If you have a Kitchen Aid, you can buy the pasta attachment, which is much cheaper.

Mortar and Pestle: Of course a food processor is faster, but I LOVE these things.

Lemon Squeezer: If your a "weakling" like myself and can't get all of the lemon juice out of a lemon, buy this!

Food Saver:  As a personal chef, I use my Food Saver a lot to vacuum-seal meals. This is very helpful if you want to save a lot of leftovers w/o worrying about freezer burn.

Deep Fryer:  I don't fry foods often, if ever, but if I did I would use a Deep Fryer, instead of putting oil in a large pot.  Deep Fryers are MUCH safer, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Cast Iron Skillet: These are great for getting a really golden brown sear on your meats. NEVER wash them with soap or a scrubber, only if really necessary. Just wipe them with a towel so the skillet keeps all of that good flavor and doesn't turn colors.

Standard 8 inch Chefs Knife: Everyone should have one of these

Sharpening Stone: Never use a dull knife.  NEVER!!!

Large Plastic Cutting Board: Use this for raw meats

Large Wooden Cutting Board: Use this for vegetables and fully cooked foods


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