• Hi! My name is Monique and that's me up there in the picture. I love food.
  • I also love bullet points. Sorry.
  • I am was a chef.
  • But before that happened, I got my Bachelor's in Business Management.
  • Next, I went to culinary school. 
  • I Worked at many "fancy schmancy" restaurants.
  • Started my climb up the proverbial ladder to success. 
  • I learned a lot. 
  • I learned that, in this industry, you must love an 18hr work day, 6-7 days a week, in order to reach the top of this proverbial ladder.
  • I don't like 18hr work days.   
  • So, I started my own Personal Chef/Catering Business, called Noorish.
  • I Was named one of Atlanta's top 5 Personal Chef's.
  •  Then I went through a quarter-life crisis, which led me to Islam.
  • I Converted Reverted to Islam in 2009.
  • Fell in love with my religion....with my new way of life.
  • Fell in love with a man with a big mustache. We'll call him 'The Mustache.
  • Sometimes he shaves his mustache (sad face).
  • Married my Mustache Man on April 18, 2011.
Now I'm Starting my journey to Happily Ever After....or as close to it as I can get!

This blog is where I will share my love of food, photography (a fairly new hobby of mine), and......life. This blog will also help my parents stay updated on my life (per the request of my mother), since The Mustache stole me away and took me to another state! It's the least I can do. Because without them.....none of this would be possible. 

All Photographs on this website are photographed by Monique and are copyrighted. No picture on this website may be taken without my permission. 


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